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Where Was the “Peace” 400 Years Ago?

I thought my father hadn’t fought that day because he gave in. I thought he had let them win, when in reality, he had decided that his life, vows, and the promises that he had made to his wife and children trumped everything.

Let’s Get To Work

White people have an enormously important role to play in dismantling white supremacy. Let us be in this work together. Yes, you, whoever you are reading this. Let us commit to daily practice. Let us hold each other accountable, let us just hold each other, let us carry each other through.

Black Lives Matter: Read, Learn, and Act

In the wake of this most recent horrific moment of racist violence and white supremacy, we would like to share the articles we’ve been reading and rereading–the organizations we’ve been following, and resources we’ve been turning to.  

A Debut Novel About Family

What constitutes a good mother? A good father? A good daughter? A normal life? These are questions posed by R.L. Maizes in her compelling debut novel Other People’s Pets.

I Told Our Son He Can’t Come Home

 How mindlessly I licked their melting ice cream cones and fallen lollipops. Even when they were sick, especially when they were sick, I held them close. Now, we can’t even touch.

Making a Feast of Mezze

As a writer, cook, filmmaker and travel enthusiast, I have loved traveling to many places and, of course, eating my way through cuisines. I’ve done this enough to know my favorite way to eat. Many of my favorite dishes have been part of mezze, an abundance of cold and hot plates full of flavor and a wide variety of ingredients.