Women in the Holocaust

LILITH is planning a special issue on Women in the Holocaust and the Resistance.

We welcome manuscripts (including translations), in these categories: survivor testimony, oral history, autobiographical and experiential accounts, memoirs and diaries-including those by survivors’ children; poetry, short fiction, excerpts from novels and dramas; biographical accounts, historical and sociological articles on women before, during and after the Holocaust, and on American Jewish women’s responses during the catastrophe; critiques of adult and juvenile books, films and theatre, media; analyses and opinion pieces.

All submissions should be double-spaced, and will be acknowledged if you send a SAS postcard. All material will be held until issue is published, and will be returned if SASE supplied. All manuscripts become the property of LILITH Publications Inc.

Send material to:

Suite 1328H
250 West 57 Street
New York, NY 10019