Why We Should Value Community Colleges

Actor-playwright-teacher Ronna J. Levy has a new one-woman play, “This Gonna Be On the Test, Miss?” that introduces audiences to the diverse students who’ve found their way into the developmental English classes she has taught. “I feel so privileged to get to be with these students. I want audience members who might never interact with newcomers or low-income people to come away with an appreciation for them. This is a student population that is typically invisible and my goal is to change that, to give them a voice and a presence. I love teaching and I love my students, and I want to show that to as many people as I can. Sure, some students don’t want to be in school or do the work. There’s apathy, entitlement and a lack of preparation for college, but I still see a need to celebrate community colleges and community college students.”

Eleanor J. Bader on the Lilith Blog.