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It’s wedding season!!

At Lilith, this doesn’t just mean a story about two beautiful, thoughtful brides (and their feminist male rabbi whose chosen middle name, Scherlinder, is a portmanteau of his and his wife’s mothers’ maiden names—very cool!). It also means a story about reclaiming a forgotten Jewish ritual: the medieval and pre-modern custom of grooms giving their brides “house rings” under the huppah. We’re re-purposing said house rings by means of a new wedding “justice vow” to shout out under your huppah — do it!­

To go along with the rings and vows, we reprise a feminist classic about marriage equality, circa 1970, by Alix Kates Shulman. Alas, the struggle for equally shared domestic and childcare responsibilities (men doing half the dishes and diapers) is still with us 42 years later ! On the other hand, who knew that two Judaica artists are still making house rings
(with a post-modern twist) today? It all just makes a kallah want to break a glass! Mazal tov!

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