In this new folk opera, with its bawdy and edgy alternative story of Creation, you’ll meet Adam’s first wife. Lilith refuses to lie beneath Adam and flees to the Red Sea, creating, then killing, 100 demon babies a day, until the three angels sent by God negotiate a deal with her. “Lilith the Night Demon in One Lewd Act” premiers in May from the Berkeley-based musical group Veretski Pass. Cookie Segelstein, founder, director and violinist of Veretski Pass, says, “This piece goes from raucous burlesque to sad and serious, more about the function of superstitions against the tragedy of infant mortality.”

The medieval Lilith story (at reminds us how myths and legends keep females in line. A not-so-hidden sub- text: speaking out for equality, and for yourself, may be steps on the path to demonization. This Lilith becomes the embodiment of the bad things projected onto women: frigid, yet she seduces boys and men; sterile, yet she has 100 demon children every day. You get it.