The Story of “Hannah’s Gift”

The Story of “Hannah’s Gift” is taken from the new children’s book (for 3 to 7 year olds) Eve and Her Sisters by the mother/daughter, illustrator/writer team Malcah Zeldis and Yona Zeld is McDonough [Greenwillow Books, 1994]. Each page features a biblical woman — 14 in all. Though the narratives could certainly be more feminist, the stronger lesson consists of simply searing these women’s names into our children’s hearts and memories (we memorize, after all. “by heart”), so that they can riff in their sleep as readily as Ring Around the Rosie—”Eve! Sarah! Hagar! Rebecca! Rachel! Leah! Yokheved! Miriam! Deborah! Jael! Ruth! Hannah! Abigail! Queen of Sheba! Esther!”