The Arts

The female experience has also been reflected in the arts throughout Israel.

Several recent Israeli plays have focused on women’s themes. Among these was “Bruria” (at the Pargod Theater in Jerusalem), based on the life story of the famous woman scholar and teacher mentioned in the Talmud (see LILITH #3).

Be’er Sheva hosted a four-day International Women’s Music Festival in June 1986 which featured performances by the Alexandra Ensemble of England; Pauline Oliveros, American accordionist and composer; Nancy Uscher, violist, and Virginia Eskin, pianist; Barbara Helsingius of Norway, guitarist; Ina Joost of Germany, cellist; and Liz Magnes of Jerusalem, pianist. In addition to the performances, the Festival included panel discussions and films on women musicians and composers.

The festival was the result of long and often difficult planning by organizer Liora Moriel and others.