The ABC of Vice

One of our favorite artists and cartoonists, the hilarious Nicole Hollander, who has given us two great LILITH covers over the years, has a new book. Her many fans will rejoice (and laugh out loud) over The ABCs This is a preview, reprinted with permission.

Napping is nature’s way of getting you into tip-top shape. Haven’t lots of big executives and great thinkers extolled naps as the key their enormous success? Wasn’t there just a magazine article about this? Look for the magazine. Decide it is time to go through the stacks of magazines you’ve’ accumulated over the past weeks. Months. Pause to look at the other articles that might also help you get to your goal quicker. (NOT THE IMMEDIATE GOALOF NAPPING, BUT THELARGER GOAL FOR WHICH NAPPING WILL PREPARE YOU.) Hunt for scissors with which to cut out some of the more useful articles. Decide it would be good to start a file where you know you could find these articles. Look through your old filing cabinet for a file you aren’t actively using so you can start this new important file. Decide it is time to organize your filing cabinet. Eventually fall asleep on the floor, covered by clippings.