Skinhead Women Send Hate Mail to U.S. Troops

Soldiers in Saudi Arabia are receiving anti-Semitic and racist mail courtesy of White Christian Women, a Las Vegas, Nevada group related to area skinheads.

Letters addressed to “Any Service member” or “Any White Service member” and signed by Casey Bangerter of the group state that American “men should not be in Iraq fighting Israel’s battles!” Bangerter poses the question: “What will happen if the majority of the white American men die? I think I know; the white women in the U.S. will marry nonwhites” she answers.

In the most graphic of terms, Bangerter goes on to tell armed forces personnel that “Speaking for the white women, I know that we think that white men are the race of men that we want to have children with. The sweet little wisps of fair hair on pink baby skin are precious to me. I don’t want to see my white friends having mixed babies!’

Bangerter points out in her letter that her group respects “the other races and their cultures, with exception of the Jewish people. We hate their anti-Christ beliefs, … If only you knew about the Jewish control of America, I doubt that you would be fighting the war for the Jews in Israel!’ She ends with the handwritten postscript: “I pray that you come home soon to protect the women and children who are left unprotected!’

Bangerter told the Las Vegas Review Journal and Sun that she and four other women had been sending similar letters to servicemen in Saudi Arabia since U.S. troops had been deployed there in August. She claimed that the group had sent 7,000 letters to date.

According to Abraham H. Fox-man, national director of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL), Casey Bangerter’s group is allied with Christian Identity Skinheads, a group led by Johnny Bangerter. That group has been described by area police as a mix of “Christian bible-thumpers” and neo-Nazis. Indeed, when the Las Vegas Review Journal and Sun reporter visited the Bangerter house, he found “a living room draped in Nazi flags, posters and a giant bust of Adolf Hitler spray painted gold!’

Mary Lynn Bangerter, Johnny’s sister, explained to the reporter that the group did not intend violence against Jews and other minorities. “Our intent is to bring peace. But if they get in our way who knows what will happen!’

The letters came to the attention of the ADL when a U.S. Marine Corps captain stationed in Saudi Arabia sent the letter to the Jewish War Veterans, who passed it on to the ADL. Foxman, who points out that the letters are a “brazen attempt to dishearten and create disunity among American troops!’ has asked Secretary of Defense Richard B. Cheney to “take steps to identify and intercept mailings addressed to ‘white Service members’ in Saudi Arabia!’ Las Vegas police and the FBI have also been consulted.