Sh’ma T’filateinu*

*hear our prayer, A of DooM., A of DooM.

David Cohen
loves Allison Feldman.

Please pray for Ruth Geller
who drank the wine for Elijah in front of the children.

Russell Weiss
loves a goy named Israel.

Judith Leit loves Judah
Maccabee from the Hanukkah story.

Please pray for the young girl Nancy
who cannot tell her father she supports the two-state solution.

Michael Ginsberg
loves the smell of the Torah as it unfurls.

Please pray for Leslie Katz
who can’t believe her daughter’s going to Harvard.

Sarah Rivkin loves the new young rabbi
who just separated from her husband.

Please pray for Louis Abramson
who can say the Kiddush backwards but not forwards.

Hannah Miller
loves Jacob Horowitz—

their bubbes are making a joint chuppah
and fighting about it.