Sexist School Dress Codes: Not Just a Jewish School Problem

Sexist school dress codes that view girls’ attire as “distracting” to their male peers are not just a Jewish day school problem. Here, a Christian high school student argues against her school administration’s dress code in an article in the school newspaper. It’ll sound familiar.

“Should a student who got into Harvard with hard work not attend because it causes her best friend to covet her intelligence? Should people stop buying expensive cars or objects that tempt others into theft? And should a woman stop wearing what she wants because a man may lust after her? …Let’s stop telling girls how they should dress, and let’s start teaching men how they can control their thoughts and actions. Stop blaming young women for the lust of their male classmates.”


Katherine Yenzer in “With Love, from the Author,” The Wildcat Roar, September 23, 2015.