Schlafly Scores Holocaust Education Program

Phyllis Schlafly, the right-wing extremist and anti-feminist, has branded secondary school courses on the Holocaust as child abuse.

Schlafly was inspired to attack the idea of Holocaust teaching when she stumbled onto the activity of that idealistic educational venture, “Facing History And Ourselves: The Holocaust And Human Behavior.” With some federal funding and the devotion of extraordinary teachers, a Brookline MA organization has developed a course examining the history of anti-Semitism and the events leading up to Hitlerist savagery. Eighth and ninth graders in both public and private schools now benefit by this instruction.

The “Facing History” project, writes Phyllis Schlafly in her recent book Child Abuse In The Classroom, is deceitful in design and aims to change young people’s attitudes on political and social issues.—Robert Segal (WNS)