Practice Safe Politics

Jewish Women Watching, the anonymous folks who monitor sexism in the Jewish community, have again sneaked into the limelight. In September, JWW mailed to the media and others what appeared to be a Jewish New Year’s greeting. The envelope contained a condom glued to a card, along with advice to “Practice Safe Politics.” Recipients turned the card over to find a dressing-down to the Jewish establishment for being in bed with Christian Right figures Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Ralph Reed, men with well-publicized anti-gay and anti-women agendas. The Israeli Embassy in New York and several Jewish organizations, including the Zionist Organization of America and The Anti-Defamation League, have honored one or more of these men because of their outspoken support for Israel.

Recipients are warned: “This condom will not protect you from the real intentions of the Christian right wing. ABSTINENCE FROM STRANGE BEDFELLOWS IS ADVISED.”