Perfecting those Private Parts?

Sandy Kobrin reports that surgery to reshape the labia and other areas of the vagina is picking up fast, according to plastic surgeons such as Dr. Pamela Loftus of Boca Raton, Florida. While some women undergo the operations to improve comfort, many want to conform to ideals set by the porn industry.

In a cover story in Women’s ENews (, Kobrin writes that “Labiaplasty was once the domain of sex workers, nude entertainers, nude models, swimsuit models and the occasional woman who needed her labia reduced for medical reasons such as ‘ infection or pain. Not anymore. Doctors have reported that women from every walk of life and from ages 15 to 75 are having labia and cosmetic vaginal surgery.

“Many doctors who perform the surgeries say while there . are some women who opt for . the surgery because they are unhappy or their labia has ~ caused them physical discomfort, the bulk of the women getting this surgery are ultimately being pressured by men who want them to conform to a idea of beauty most often seen In the porn industry. Doctors say these women request the procedure because they are afraid of having ‘old looking’ vaginas.”