Orthodox Nurses Teach Breast Exam

The Nurses Section of the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists (AOJS) has initiated a campaign to teach Jewish women the technique of breast self-examination.

RN Linda Moed, a pediatric nurse-practitioner in hematology/oncology who holds a B.S.N, and is a leader of the Section, said that the program received special impetus from the growing evidence that Jewish women have a higher incidence of breast cancer.

Members of the Section, she said, are-currently doing research on the factors that contribute to this problem and its possible causes, with an eye to preventive measures. They are writing an article on the subject which will be distributed to different Jewish institutions such as Jewish centers, synagogues, and mikvahs.

Mikvahs, Moed continued, are envisioned as one of the prime sites for the nurses to hold sessions to teach women the five-minute breast self-examination technique.

The nurses also hope to teach the technique and make available pamphlets and posters about it at synagogue sisterhoods, Jewish centers, and organizations.

Jewish institutions wishing to arrange for a session where the nurses will demonstrate the breast examination technique can contact the AOJS office at (718) 338-8593.