One Hundred Thirty-One

Going Home

Strengthen me, Holy One, on my walk
from illness.
Even as You gave courage
As the children fled from Egypt,
Open the sea to my steps.

Like a Hebrew slave,
I have sojourned in pain;
Under whips of illness and despair,
I have shed my tears of bitterness.

Show me again the path of freedom,
Speeding toward a Promised Land
Of wholeness and health,
Creating my completeness for Your sake.

Bring me up through recovery,
Through remedies and therapies,
To an altered yet acceptable life,
Again rejoicing in the commonplace.

Then will my songs fill this recovered shore.
Where my mind will dance for joy
At my deliverance,
Singing Your praises, Holy One, singing new songs.

Excerpts from Flames to Heaven: New Psalms for Healing & Praise, by Debbie Perlman, $14. To order, call 800-888-4741.