Mazal Tov

ELLEN S. BAKER, a physician and daughter of Queens, NY Borough President Claire Schulman, became the second Jewish woman to fly in space. She was a crew member on the shuttle flight Atlantis in October.

HELEN DAVIS of the Baltimore Jewish Times, JUDITH SLOAN DEUTSCH of the Washington Jewish Week, ELANA KUPERSTEIN of Women’s World, MARLENE ADLER MARKS of the Jewish Journal, and FAYE SHOLITON of the Cleveland Jewish News are recipients of the 1989 Smolar Awards for Excellence in North American Jewish Journalism.

RITA HAUSER, chair of the American section of the International Center for Peace in the Middle East, is a recipient of the Jewish Peace Fellowship’s Third Abraham Joshua Heschel Peace Award.

BATYA WASHITZ, former head of Jerusalem’s welfare services, is the first woman elected to that city’s religious council.