Lot’s Daughters Reveal It Was Child Abuse

When a man is drunk
it generally doesn’t get up,
so this too is absurd:
that we seduced him
after drowning him in wine.
The truth
hurts in one’s tissues
when one pisses and squats
and hurts in the head
knowing that this man
fed us bread,
fashioned us dolls out of wheat stalks,
smiled, joked, bounced
balls for us
and represented
the gender, the species
that we would have loved someday.
That we both conceived on just two nights
is worse nonsense.
No. It went on for years.
That we each bore only one
is from the blood drying up,
our heads shutting it off,
not wanting to be women anymore,
only in our teens.
Do not be a boy
we prayed, not another boy.
So there were only Moab and Benammi.
They lived in the cave with us,
repeated Father’s mistakes
to the tenth generation.