Lilith Notes the Passing of:

Eppie Lederer, a.k.a. Ann Landers, 83, in June. Born in Sioux City, Iowa to Russian- Jewish immigrants. Landers, the Chicago housewife married to an affluent businessman, reinvented herself in the ’50s as the smart-mouthed columnist whose syndicated bons mots of advice ultimately reached nearly 90 million readers a day.

Actress Zypora Spaisman, 86, who for 50 years acted in and did just about everything else in the Folksbiene Yiddish theatre company in New York. Born in Poland, Spaisman, who was a midwife as a young woman, produced and played in 43 consecutive productions at Folksbiene. Peretz Hirschbein’s “Green Fields,” which she produced at the Educational Alliance on the Lower East Side in 2000, was her last play.