Jewish Women’s Salons

Bring Back The Power of Conversation

Lilith magazine, the print “salon” for Jewish women’s conversations for nearly three decades, is now extending the excitement of Lilith into real-time talk.

A Lilith salon is more free-flowing than a book club, not as spiritual as a rosh hodesh group nor as democratic as the PTA, and more intimate than a lecture. Lilith salons are gatherings where a people meet in a home for an evening of good talk, refreshment, and renewed energy. Each salon has a “trigger” topic pegged to the latest issue of Lilith, but the conversation moves in whatever directions you take it.

Participants rave about the experience:
“Thanks so much for a wonderful and soulwarming evening. What went on in the Lilith salon is rare and precious, as evidenced by the intensity and excitement of the participants.”

“We got into a fabulous discussion of the article on Our Bodies Ourselves. The talk morphed into what girls think of feminism today, and why does Lilith say ‘frankly feminist’ on the cover?”

“Such a diverse and fascinating group of Lilith readers; the oldest was in her 80s and the youngest in her 20s.”

To launch a Lilith salon in your own living room, gather a list of about a dozen of your friends and contact We’ll provide conversation starters and suggestions from women who have hosted Lilith salons. (If some of your friends aren’t already subscribers, they can take care of this important detail at, or by calling 1-888-2-LILITH.)

If you belong to a Women of Reform Judaism sisterhood, suggest to your president that the sisterhood start a WRJ/Lilith Salon.

And in case you are lucky enough to live where a Lilith salon is launching, we’ll try to match you up.