Jewish Moral Committee

BROOKLYN, NY -The “Jewish Moral Committee”, formed in December 1980, is a group of orthodox rabbis and laypeople describing itself as “similar in certain aspects to the Moral Majority.”

Chaired by Rabbi Marvin Friedman, the Committee “is in favor of capital punishment, a strong U.S. Defense, Federal aid to parochial schools and released religious time for public school children.” It “opposes abortions, E.R.A., Liberalism, immoral relationships, gun control, intermarriage, recognition of the international murder organization the so called P.L.O. and the heretical reformed Jewish sects (Reconstructionists, Reform and Conservative Jews).”

According to its press releases, the J.M.C. condemns abortion as “murder” and “strongly opposes ERA for it would lead to the breakdown and destruction of family life. As one example would be the drafting of women into combat, which would endanger the security of the family unit, as well as the security of our nation. ERA also leads to a quota system which is inherently unjust and immoral. . . The J.M.C. maintains that the ERA is not equal rights but are in effect extra rights.” Comments should be addressed to:
The Jewish Moral Committee, PO Box 220, Brooklyn, NY 11219