It’s Not a Burden

“I was hanging out with friends one evening, and instead of chatting about shows we were binge-watching, or dishing about who was dating who, we found ourselves comparing notes on adult diapers and dementia medications,” says film director Michelle Boyaner. “We realized we’d crossed over into a strange new world we weren’t quite prepared for: we were all caring for our aging parents. They’d raised and loved us when we were most vulnerable, and now—thanks to the miracles of modern medicine—they were living a hell of a lot longer than previous generations, outlasting their bodies and retirement funds, and it was up to us, unwittingly, and in some cases unendingly, to return the favor.”

“It’s Not a Burden: The Humor and Heartache of Raising Elderly Parents” is a touching, funny, and emotional feature-length film chroni- cling the director’s journey caring for her long-divorced parents. (Her mom is battling dementia; her father is a hoarder.) The storylines of other families, of diverse races, genders and backgrounds, show the universal and inevitable issues around aging.