Israeli Law Guarantees Equality in Workplace

In February, Israel’s Knesset (parliament) passed a bill protecting equal opportunities for men and women in the workplace. The new law forbids discrimination against employees by reason of sex, marital status or parenthood in granting work, professional training, opportunities for advancement, conditions of employment, dismissal or compensation for dismissal.

Men and women are eligible for post-maternity leave, with the choice of who takes the leave being up to the parents. A father who chooses to leave his job after the birth of a child will be entitled to compensation pay. In addition, either parent may obtain leave from work to attend to a sick child.

Job discrimination based on an employee’s refusing to yield to sexual harassment will be considered a criminal offense, and legal aid will be provided to employees bringing suit against an offender. A dismissal based on an employer’s sexual prejudice will be considered invalid, and the employee must be rehired.