How to Celebrate Jewish Women

HERitage and HIStory: Visions for an Equal Future contains over 200 pages of program ideas, articles, Jewish texts, a women’s seder, poetry and Rosh Chodesh services for each month of the Hebrew calendar, an extensive bibliography and resource list. This book can easily be used by adult education classes, campus organizations and Hebrew schools.

It begins with information about starting and leading a women’s group. Each of the 14 chapters can be used as program topics for the group: “Abortion,” “Israel” and “Dina and Tamar.” among them. Each is introduced using both ancient Jewish texts and recent opinions. The next section of the sourcebook has chapters for each Jewish month, an explanation of the month and programming ideas for Rosh Chodesh celebrations.

To receive a copy of the sourcebook send $20 to LILITH Magazine, 250 West 57th Street, Suite 2432, NYC, NY 10107 (212) 757-0818. Please allow 6 weeks for delivery

More Celebrations
A Celebration of Jewish Women: A Hillel Program Guide for the Campus Community was designed to help college-age women and men develop programs on Judaism and women’s issues.

The guide is based on information from campuses around the country collected by Lauren Eichler, a Princeton University senior and former intern at Hillel International Center in Washington D.C., who along with Ruth Fredman edited the guide. Many of these successful programs can be used as models, so that students don’t have to reinvent the wheel when they want to create a study group, a Rosh Chodesh celebration, a feminist seder or a conference on Judaism and sexuality, to give just a few examples of the scope here. Eichler explains: “We hope the guide is a one-stop shopping service so that students may not only get help in programming events, but also be given a permanent reference book for future use.”

Chapters in the guide include; “Women’s Groups,” “Women Leaders,” “The Female Body,” and “Judaism and Feminism.” Each section of the sourcebook contains analysis of the topic, model programs and suggestions for further discussion. There’s a helpful listing of agencies and publications for further learning and programming resources The bibliography is a wealth of information for schools interested in arranging for scholars, academics and authors to come speak on campus.

To order A Celebration of Jewish Women call (202) 857-6560 or send $2.50 to Hillel, 1640 Rhode Island Avenue NW, Washington DC 20036.