Her Protein Could Be a Major Medical Advancement. And She’s Shomer Shabbat, Too.

A protein [Joanna Slusky] designed appears to be one of the most promising responses yet to the growing threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It’s a scourge that infects two million Americans each year—more than 23,000 fatally…

Slusky said it is science that gives her that sense of awe—whether it’s teaching informally among the students and researchers on her staff, helping a hall full of undergrads discover biochemistry for the first time, or working alone in the lab.

“The intricacies of protein-protein interactions and discovering new things about them is what fills me with radical amazement, which is a fundamentally religious feeling,” she said.

VICTOR WISHNA in “This Jewish woman’s research may save millions of lives,” JTA, December 8, 2016.