Help Women Pray at the Wall

The International Committee for the Women of the Kotel (ICWK) has sued the Israeli government on behalf of women’s right to pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The government appointed a commission to “resolve” the matter. LILITH urges you to write a letter to the chair of this committee right now. A sample letter:

Dear Mr. Hollander,

As someone deeply committed to the right of Jewish women to pray collectively, aloud, with Torah and tallit at the Western Wall, I turn to you. I hope that you see yourself as representing your Jewish sisters who wish to exercise this right in dignity and holiness, free from threats, violence or slander.

Many new customs have been initiated at the Wall: bar mitzvahs, weddings, army ceremonies, memorials to Israel’s fallen and to the victims of the Holocaust. Why not bat mitzvahs ? Why not women praying together with our Torah?

Please mention accomplishments or institutional affiliations of your own, though you will be speaking for yourself, not for any organization. Letters should be sent to Shmuel Hollander, Esq., Chairman, Legal Adviser to the Prime Minister, Office of the Prime Minister, Jerusalem, Israel (FAX 02-610-618), with a copy to ICWK, 732A Carroll Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215.