I address myself to my children — to all of our household. My father died at the age of 83 and I have a premonition that in this, my 83rd year, I too will be called to my final resting place . . .

My deep concern is for your mother. What will become of her if I should be the first? She is so dependent on me. I pray to God and ask Him to prolong her sister’s life so that they may spend the rest of their lives together. By that I mean that Fanny should move in with Mom.

. . . All my life I have tried to help others without expecting anything in return — and now I make a simple request — call Mom if possible every day — visit her once and week — dine with her once a week — call her and tell her what you want for dinner — make her laugh, have children call, and visit once in a while. While she is away, write to her frequently. Do it not as an obligation but because I know you really love her and want to make her happy.

Forgive me if I hurt you by suggesting this — I mean well — I am very proud of you and love you dearly. I am grateful for the many blessings He has showered upon us one and all. In fact I feel that we have received more than our share of naches (parental pleasure).

And now I must make a confession. For the past few months I have gradually developed a hate for money and what it does to people. I honestly feel that if one reaches the stage where he has provided fully for his family and himself, the balance does not belong to him. It is a loan-lease from the Almightly to distribute to charity. If I survive I will try to spend the rest of my life seeking out avenues of worthwhile charities preferably in Israel.

Mother and I lived modestly. I never succeeded in convincing her to buy a mink coat. She always felt that was showing off. I lived the same way. If we lived luxuriously we could have never helped the families for most of our married life.

You have now reached the stage where you can broaden your philanthropy and in larger amounts. I hope and pray that you and your children will follow the same pattern. The children should have begun long ago. Teach them to put aside from their allowance and from any money they earn for charity. Do it now.

Above all — be forever vigilant for those in need and don’t wait until they ask you — that is humiliating.

One last request — when the time comes for my last journey, I would like Mother’s and my casket facing each other — she on my right side — all it needs is to place the caskets at an angle , like this:

Fare Well.