Harassed at Work? At School? At Synagogue?

Jewish institutions and all who work, learn or worship in them can shape cultures of safety, respect and fairness. This is the mission of B’Kavod (“with respect,” in Hebrew), a new project offering training and policy development as well as report- ing and helpline services. Their three-month program “Building Safe Respectful Jewish Organizations” helps schools, synagogues, and organizations prevent sexual harass- ment by donors, bosses, teachers, or co-workers. They provide a Facebook group and webinars on preventing donor harassment, a #MeToo location for rabbis, articles about harassment in fundraising and at Jewish organizations, a self-assessment tool, and guidelines for reporting incidents. A guide to “Going Public with Your Experi- ence of Harassment” will be useful in both Jewish and general settings. The Good People Fund and the Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York have partnered in funding this project. BeKavod.org