Resources for Jewish Women


Alternative ceremonies, blessings for modern needs (naming ceremonies, non-scxist marriage ceremonies, new moon, menstruation, weaning ceremonies, etc.) being collected for possible publication. Contact Cardin, 3624 Anton Farms Rd., Baltimore, Md. 21208. To request a specific ceremony, enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope.

The Ezrat Nashim booklet of naming ceremonies is currently in production. Watch this column for details.


Bat Kol Players (named for the heavenly voice that spoke when the Jewish people needed clearer understanding of the written word) — 3-woman theatrical troupe with programs based on lives of women from the Jewish past.

130 E. 59 St., Room 473,
New York, NY 10022


“Yudie” — Portrait of older Jewish woman on New York’s Lower East Side filmed by her niece, Mirra Bank.

“Joyce at 34” – Working out 2 careers (his & hers), 1 marriage, 1 baby.

By Joyce Chopra.
Both films from
New Day Films,
P.O.B. 315,
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417


Baltimore Women’s Minyan — Contact Siegman,

3406 Labyrinth Rd.,
Baltimore, MD

BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY Women’s Minyan, Hillel

BROWN UNIVERSITY Women’s Minyan, Hillel


West Side Minyan — Mixed minyan, traditional but informal havorah-style. Ansche Chesed Synagogue,

251 W. 100 St., 5th floor.
Contact Polay (212) 866-6403

Gay Synagogue for Women and Men — Beth Simchat Torah,

151 Bank St,
New York City
(P.O.B. 1270, New York, NY 10001).


Philadelphia Free Minyan — Mixed minyan, more traditional style.

U. of P. Hillel
202 S. 36 St.,
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Germantown Minyan — mixed minyan, traditional but informal havura-style.

Germantown Jewish Center
Lincoln Dr. & Ellet St,
Philadelphia, PA.


Women’s Rabbinic Alliance — new organization of women rabbis and women rabbinical students including women in the U.S., England and Israel.

299 Riverside Dr., Apt. 3D
New York, NY 10025


Jewish Feminist Organization, Contact — Cheskis-Cotel,

3433 University PL,
Baltimore, MD 21218


Jewish Feminist Organization,

900 Hilgard Av.,
Los Angeles, CA 90024


Ezrat Nashim — dedicated to equality for women in Judaism. Speakers’ Bureau (including outside the NY area)


Jewish Feminist Organization College-Project — contact

Gewirtz Siegal,
588 West End Av.,
New York, NY 10024
(212) 234-7317 or for messages 595-9106.

Jewish Women’s Consciousness Raising Groups and women interested in planning NY Jewish women’s center — Contact

161 W. 78 St.,
New York, NY 10024


N’shai Chayil (Women of Valor) — Philadelphia’s first Jewish women’s group. Resources include speakers’ bureau and library.

1609 N. 77 St.,
Philadelphia, PA 19151
(215) GR7-7965


Jewish Women’s Group — Consciousness raising groups, conferences, newsletter.

100 Holders Hill Rd.,
London NW 4
Phone 362-6062.


Feminist Movement of Israel — Speakers’ bureau, library, newspaper, university day care centers, women’s health issues, civil marriage legislation, etc.

P.O.B. 4667, Haifa and
P.O.B. 33041, Tel Aviv.


A Guide to Local Jewish Women’s Resources (Los Angeles) — From a Jewish Feminist Perspective — Compiled by Sharon Abramowitz & Robin Heffler.

900 Hilgard Av.,
Los Angeles, CA 90024.

Newsletter for Jewish Single Adults — Events in New York City area including Westchester & Long Island. Published by

Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York
130E. 59 St.,
New York, NY 10022
(212) 751-100 ext. 336.

Her Mothers, E. M. Broner (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, NY 1975 $7.95, 245 pp.) A new genre synthesizing fiction, drama and history in the author’s search for models for today’s women.

Jewish Grandmothers, edited by Sydelle Kramer & Jenny Masur (Beacon Press, Boston 1976 $7.95, 174 pp.) Ten autobiographical accounts of Jewish women who came to America early in the 20th century. Excellent history, each chapter a refutation of stereotypes.

The Jewish Woman — New Perspectives, edited by Elizabeth Koltun (Schocken, NY 1976, hardcover $12.95, paperback $6.95, 315 pp.) Essays on women and Judaism from a feminist perspective, an outgrowth of Response magazine’s Anthology on the Jewish Woman, 1973.

The Jewish Woman in America, Charlotte Baum, Paula Hyman, Sonya Michel (Dial Press, NY 1976, $8.95, 290 pp.) Good descriptive and analytical history of Jewish women in America from European background through current myths and stereotypes.

Judaism and the New Woman, Rabbi Sally Priesand (Behrman House, NY 1975, paperback $2.45, 144 pp.) Informative, albeit oversimplified discussion from a Reform viewpoint.

The Plough Woman — Memoirs of the Pioneer Women of Palestine, edited by Rachel Katznelson Shazar (Hcrzl Press, NY 1975, paperback $3.95, 300 pp. From Herzl Press, 515 Park Av., New York, NY 10022). Indispensable personal records of the young Jewish women who struggled to participate as equals in the rebuilding of Eretz Israel, mainly in the early years of the 20th century. Unfortunately, this new edition omits the memorials included in the 1932 edition to comrades who died or were killed building the country.

Sisters of Exile: Sources on the Jewish Woman (Ichud Habonim, NY paperback, 151 pp. $2.50 + 50 cents postage — bulk rates available — from Sisters of Exile, Ichud Habonim, 575 Sixth Av., New York, NY 10011). Source material on Jewish women from the Bible, through the Talmud, Eastern Europe, pre-state Israel and today.