Where to go for what if you're Jewish and female

Conference to celebrate the past and future of Jewish feminism sponsored by the Jewish Women’s Resource Center will be held at Temple Emanu-El (5th Ave at 65th St) in NYC on Sunday, December 5. 1993. The conference, titled, “From Generation to Geneation—a Celebration of Jewish Feminism,” will feature, among others, Judith Plaskow, Blu Greenberg and Esther M. Broner. Contact Emily E. Milner, Jewish Women’s Resource Center, 9 East 69th Street, New York, NY 10021. (212) 535-5900.

Playwrights: help form a “Minyan of Women.” Theatre Ariel, Philadelphia’s regional theater dedicated to exploring the Jewish experience, invites script submissions for its second 10-minute play festival, which this year will celebrate the lives and contributions of Jewish women from Biblical times to the 1990’s. Plays selected will be mounted for a February 1994 run and LILITH Magazine will publish an excerpt from one of the winning submissions. Plays must not exceed 10 minutes (8-9 pages double-spaced), not have been previously produced or be taken from a longer work, not have more than three characters, and must have minimal set and prop requirements. Deadline, October 15. Deborah Baer Mazes, Theater Ariel, P.O. Box0334Merion Station. PA 19066. (215)735-9481.

Have you written a critical/theoretical/ autobiographical essay focusing on the relation of your race, ethnicity, religion, gender, family, community, ability, or profession to specific texts or theoretical issues in your discipline? Nexus: Writing on Location will be an interdisciplinary anthology. Send your essay (15-25 pages) in duplicate, or query Olivia Frey, English St. Olaf College, Northfield. MN 55057.

The Do(o)little Report: “Why can’t a man be more like a woman?” is a newsletter designed to help women cope with—or laugh at—the men in their lives. (The subtitle refers to the My Fair Lady-song about Eliza Doolittle.) Book reviews report on new titles addressing relationships, gender differences and communication. Send in real-life anecdotes addressing parenting, housework and other topics of daily coexistence. $12.95 for six bimonthly issues. The Do(o)little Report. P.O. Box 1121, Fairport. NY 14450

The Campus Review, a multi-ideology and non-partisan newsletter comes from the University Student Department of the American Zionist Youth Foundation. Staffers work with student representatives on over 200 college campuses to educate the campus community about Israel and Zionism, and the Review includes interviews, a summary of campus activities nationwide and information on summer programs. College students are invited to submit articles, edtiorials or photos. Free sample. USD/AZYF. IIOE. 59th Street, 3rd Fl. New York, NY 10022.

An anthology on women’s personal bereavement experiences, addressing the loss of loved ones, the loss of oneself to disabling and or terminal illlness and the collective loss of patients and clients by health professionals. Send writing and photoraphs reflecting die real-life spectrum of emotions, specific facets of bereavement, hardships of the caregiver, spiritual transformations and grief, financial hardship of death and dying, the inadequacy of our language in dealing with death, permission to die, funerals and other ceremonies, cultural diversity and differences concerning bereavement, clergy members and grief public grieving, the rights of the dying. Pay to contributors is two copies of published book. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a women’s health organization to be determined interactively with the contributors. Submit by November 15; brevity appreciated; maximum 15 pages; audiocassette okay, multiple and simultaneous submissions encouraged. Include a cover letter about yourself with address and phone number, SASE. Laurie Jones Neighbors, P.O. Box 2021 Monterey, CA 93942-2021

Jewish Family is an independent newsletter edited by Harlene Appelman, featuring tips on holiday celebrations, parenting, grand-parenting, health and mental health, travel, reviews of family resources, books, toys games, records, tapes. Six bimonthly issues $18.00. Jewish Family, Alef Design Group, 4423 Fruitland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90058. Alef Design Group also offers a newsletter, T’shuvah: Canying the Message of Recovery, a resource for Jews in 12-step recovery.

A Silent Sorrow: Pregnancy Loss, Guidance and Support for You and Your Family, by Ingrid Kohn, MSW, and Peny-Lynn Moffitt, founders of the Pregnancy Loss Support Program of the National Council of Jewish Women. New York Section. The book aims to help readers integrate their’ grief into their lives and move into the future with hope. It includes rituals for mourning unborn and newborn babies who die. Delacorte Press, 1993. in your bookstore.

New Moon: The Magazine for Girls and Their Dreams explores the passage from girl to woman, and builds healthy resistance to gender inequities. Readers are invited to send in letters, poems, drawings, stories, jokes, ideas, news, reviews, and dreams, as well as contributions to “How Aggravating! Inequities Girls Experience.” Subscriptions $25.00 annually for 6 issues. Add $10.00 outside the USA. Sample copy, $5.00. New Moon Magazine. 424 Lakeview Avenue, Duluth, MN, 55812, (218)728-5507.

Maan, a chamber of commerce and industry for Israeli women entrepreneurs to empower themselves through economic leverage. Members of the non-profit organization receive a broad range of services including referral to expert consultants, assistance in procuring loans, professional conferences mid courses, a monthly newsletter, business club privileges and a brokerage service to match up businesses witli potential investors. Membership is about $100 a year. Maan, Rechov Patai 9A, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, ISRAEL03-6416727.

Publishing Feminist Scholarship, a conference for editors, editorial board members and others, to consider philosophical, practical and political concerns associated with editing and publishing feminst journals, will be held on October 30 at University of New Hampshire. $25. Fee will cover lunch and coffee breaks, overnight accomodations available. [This is a Saturday program, listed with ambivalence out of sensitivity to Shabbat observers.] Patrocinio Schweickart, Editor. NWSA Journal, English Dept., University of New Hampshire, Durham NH 03824. (603)862- 3967, FAX (603)862-4217

UNIFEM News, published quarterly by the United Nations Development Fund for Women’s Advocacy Program, reports on specific regional and national projects such as do-it-herself local women’s technological innovations, the invisible work force of women miners, and the impact of trade policy on women. It promotes the inclusion of women in the decision-making processes of mainstream development programs and explores issues such as violence against women, legal literacy and women’s lack of access to financial services for enterprise. UNIFEM News, 303 East 45th Street, 6th FL, New York. NY 10017. (212)906-6705.

Women’s Information Directory lists over 10,000 organizations, programs and services ranging from women’s studies programs and shelters for battered women to national organizations, books, videos and magazines, $75.00. Gale Research, 835 Penobscot BIdg., Detroit, Ml 48226, (800)877-8253.

Voice of the Trees
 is the newspaper of Shomiei Adamah. (Keepers of the Earth) a nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire environmental awareness and practice among Jews through contemporary interpretations of Jewish ecological ethics. Subscriptions (three issues a year) are a benefit of membership, which is open to individuals and organizations. Contributions are tax deductible. Shomrei Adamah, Church Road and Greenwood Avenue, Wyncote, PA 19095.

Ecofeminist Visions Emerging, (EVE) is a center for women who believe there is a fundamental connection between the devastation of the earth and violence against women. Activities include study groups, meetings on the new moon of each month and a Madison Avenue Graffiti Squad. Free sample monthly newsletter. EVE, 402 West 46th Street, #3W, New York, NY 10036. (212)315-3107.

The North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry raises funds to help educate Ethiopian children in Israel, reunite Jews still lost in Ethiopia with their families, and to provide job training. For a $100 contribution you can receive a set of baskets hand-crafted in Addis Ababa. You can also receive a free reading list on Ethiopian Jewry. NACOEJ, 165 East 56h Street, New York. NY 10022, (212)752-6340.

Keren Nissim Toledano is a tax-exempt charitable fund to support the family of Israeli border policeman Sgt. Major Nissim Toledano who was kidnapped and brutally murdered by Arab terrorists on December 13, 1992. The fund was established by his aunt. Simone Toledano Gansburg, 647 Montgomery Street, Brooklyn, NY 11225, (718)773-2940.

Artist Judy Chicago’s Holocaust Project reflects this darkest period of modern history— and how it grew out of concepts of power and dominance still with us today—in a series of works in tapestry, stained glass and tableaus combining painting with photography. The exhibition premieres October 18, 1993, at the Spertus Museum in Chicago, with Viking Penguin Books simultaneously issuing an illustrated book on the work. For more information on the exhibition and other projects of the not-for-profit organization formed to find permanent housing for Judy Chicago’s monumental tribute to women’s history. The Dinner Paity, and for her Birth Project, or to buy ait items for sale, attend workshops, or learn about internships, contact Through the Flower, P.O. Box 8138. Santa Fe, NM 87504.

The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising is the theme of a special issue of Dimensions, a ‘ journal of Holocaust studies which includes historic essays and articles by survivors of the uprising as well as a discussion guide by Holocaust scholar Dr. Karen Shawn. $6.00 from Anti-Defamation League, Box MRC,823 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017.

Kosher travelers can make themselves at home and make their own meals in centrally located short-term rental apartments with kitchen facilities (that may be kashered), and also receive lists of Jewish sights of interest in London, Paris and other European locations from Barclay International Group, 150 East 52nd St.. New York, NY 10022. 1(800)845-6636.

The Lower East Side of Manhattan is a detailed street map/brochure spotlighting Jewish sights and history around Orchard and Delancey Streets with highlights of Little Italy. Chinatown, Hispanic Loisaida and the East Village. Free with SASE from Lower East Side Consortium. 110 William Street, 3rd Fl. New York, NY 10028

IRIS: A Journal About Women is a twice yearly publication of the Women’s Center of the University of Virginia, with wide ranging articles for the thoughtful, intelligent feminist (that’s everyone, right?). $16.00 for two years. IRIS, Women’s Center, Box 323. HSC. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 22908. (804)-982-2361.

Conversion to Judaism: A Teaching Guide by Dr. Lawrence J. Epstein, provides an overview of conversion, discusses the controversy today among the streams of Judaism with guidelines on conversion for each, and includes of a list of famous converts to Judaism and a bibliography. $2.50 plus $3.00 shipping CAJE Publications, 261 W. 35th St. 12th FL. New York, NY 1001