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Installation view of the exhibition “Barbara Kruger: Thinking of You. I Mean Me. I Mean You,” photograph by Emile Askey.

“Thinking of You. I Mean Me. I Mean You.”

Iconic Jewish feminist artist Barbara Kruger (you may recall her video of a woman wield- ing long, sharp kitchen knives) has a new exhibition at MoMA, and it’s bold. Literally. In her large-scale installation, Kruger utilizes space and images from mass media to create an architecturally immersive experience. There’s both humor and urgency in her block-letter signage. The work explores how “relationships between spatial and political power” relate to the pressing questions of our time. Through January 2nd, 2023. mo.ma/3S5ifmc

Adventures in Jewish Studies

The Association for Jewish Studies has
an intelligent and sophisticated podcast that makes Jewish learning a treat! Each episode explores a different topic, hosted by an expert in their field—everything from kosher food to the Jewish languages (guess how many?) to disability and inclusion in Jewish communities. Listen for free wherever you get your podcasts. bit.ly/JStudies

The Association’s annual conference happens in December. Its Women’s Caucus breakfast December 19 is where graduate students, junior and senior scholars and recent authors (including Lilith editors) will meet and network, sharing new work in feminist scholarship. A Caucus lunch is planned for Sephardi and Mizrahi women. associationforjewishstudies.org

On Vinyl

This season, Canadian musical artist Daniela Gesundheit is releasing “Alphabet of Wrongdoing,” a final version of her 2020 studio recording of ceremonial prayer that explores “accountability, forgiveness, mor- tality, renewal, and healing,” for the High Holidays and beyond. This limited-edition boxed set includes a 108-page libretto to help listeners to experience and connect with the album’s themes. Find Daniela Gesundheit on Bandcamp for more.

Female Icons in Miami Beach

Lady Liberty—A Bonnie Lautenberg Retro- spective captures the legacies of women freedom fighters and figures from the Statue of Liberty to Lady Gaga in photo- graphs and conceptual art. November 16– March 26, 2023. bonnielautenberg.com

Jewish Feminist Theater for Kids

From award-winning educator and playwright Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer comes AMAZING Jewish Women: 4 New Plays for the Class- room! intended for all learning environments. They engage children in grades 3–12 with stories from Jewish history and Torah, all through a feminist lens—from Queen Esther to Portuguese-Jewish historical figure Dona Gracia Nasi. Each play comes with set instructions, discussion questions, and resources. More at gabriellekaplanmayer.com.

“A Bintel Brief”

The Forward has brought back the advice column—as a podcast! Named for the Yiddish term “A Bundle of Letters,” from the Forward’s original early-20th century advice column, “A Bintel Brief” is co-hosted by Ginna Green and Lynn Harris, two Jewish moms with lots to say about Jewish identity, culture and politics. Some of the questions they discuss? How do we respond to people who are ignorant of the Jewish history of persecution? How important is money when considering a potential romantic partner? And much more. More at forward.com and listen on any podcast platform!

Jewish Resistance in the Forest

Four Winters, a new film written and directed by the renowned Julia R. Mintz, reveals the bravery and boldness of over 25,000 Jewish partisans who fought against the Nazis from the Polish, Lithuanian, and Belarusian forests during WWII. The resisters including many women, built, traded and stole weapons, organize attacks on Nazi vehicles and infrastructure, and ultimately making the forests too dangerous for Nazi soldiers to invade. Watch the trailer and learn more at jewishpartisansfilm.com.


New Holocaust Documentary

PBS presents: The U.S. and the Holocaust, from filmmakers Ken Burns, Lynn Novick and Sarah Botstein. This three-part series explores the U.S. perspectives and responses to the horrors in Europe, as well as the resulting influx of immigrants. Botstein remarks that the series centers on a narrative of survival best described by American journalist Dorothy Thompson: ‘for thousands and thousands of people a piece of paper with a stamp on it is the difference between life and death.’ Each segment is guided by first-hand storytelling from these survivors and witnesses. pbs.org

A Sephardic Cruise

Lilith fans know Sephardic chef Susan Barocas from her writing and her Zoom cooking demos. Now she and Ladino singer/songwriter Sarah Aroeste are leading a cruise they describe as a deep dive into the rich Sephardic heritage of the Jews of Greece and Turkey, with music and food experiences, walking tours and more. The trip, May 4–11, 2023, sails Athens to Istanbul, with stops in Mykonos, Rhodes, Antalya, Bodrum and Ephesus to explore the flavors and vibrant music of Sephardic culture past and present. More details at savorexperience.com.

“The Burning Sea”

Lilith’s summer 2008 issue artist Sigalit Landau has a new exhibit at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. See her cover below. “The Burning Sea” showcases a collection of multimedia works from the last 20 years, each of which explores “fragile dualities,” including “life and death, injury and healing, destruction and hope.” On view until June 17, 2023. imj.org.il/en

Tasting Israel

Renowned chef and cookbook author Adeena Sussman offers a multicultural culinary tour of Israel in October/Novem- ber, including cooking workshops and some of the best meals Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Jaffa have to offer, plus conversations about the Jewish, Muslim and Christian his- tories and cultural influences on the region and its food. More on “Tasting Israel” at viasabra.com.

Chutzpah 2022

Join the Jewish Youth Climate Movement in Chutzpah 2022, a climate-minded Get Out the Vote campaign! On November first, they’ll hold their midterm elections phone bank with Dayenu—a Jewish Call to Climate Action, and it’s open to all. They’ll gather on Zoom for a blessing, music, and a phone bank tutorial—then the phone calls will begin! Register at jewishyouthclimatemovement.org.

“New York: 1962–1964”

At New York City’s Jewish Museum, a diverse collection from the early 60s’ NYC art scene features including the works of Diane Arbus, Marjorie Strider, and many more. This three-year period featured a wide range of political and cultural events and shifts—an economic boom, new conversations about race, gender and class—and the principle behind the show is that with great change comes great art. See pieces from the collection and plan your visit to the museum at thejewishmuseum.org.

Chicago Connection

Chicago friends, this one’s for you! On November 17, the Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning & Leadership will host Jewish Community Networking Night, a free opportunity to mingle and build community with other Jewish community professionals, lay leaders, consultants and volunteers. Special guest Becca Barish of Second City will also perform improv! More at spertus.edu.

Tikkun for Teens

The Contemporary Jewish Museum San Francisco is running in-person school tours for grades 6–12 all about art. “Tikkun: For the Cosmos, the Community, and Ourselves” offers perspectives from 30 local artists on care and interconnectedness via environmental responsibility, community practice, and personal action—plus, hands-on art projects. The free program runs through the 2022–2023 school year. thecjm.org

Compiled by Arielle Silver-Willner