Our Own Lives
On the Holocaust and its aftermath: For a newsletter. The Hidden Child, written by both survivors who were hidden as children and by the children of survivors, please send articles to the editor Rachelle Goldstein, Hidden Child Foundation. ADL 823 United Nations Plaza. New- York. NY 10017; (212)885-7900.

Healing Legacies is a slide registry for art and writing by women who’ve had breast cancer. You may submit up to 5 pieces for a collection which is ongoing, and serves as a source for national and local exhibits. Co-sponsored by The Women’s Caucus for Art. Registration fee $25. Entry form from Breast Cancer Action Group. P.O. Box 5605. Burlington. VT 05402.

“Ess, bubeleh.” Sayings of Jewish mothers and grandmothers are being collected in a new anthology. The women quoted—or their families who submit bons mots on their behalf—will receive a copy on publication, include address and telephone with submission to Sandra E. Price. 1401 West Rovey Ave.. Phoenix, AZ 85013. (602)240-2629. Fax (602)279-2027.

Ever had a mystical experience in a Jewish setting or with Jewish content? The author of several books of Judaica and psychology would appreciate hearing from you for research on a book. Confidential replies to Edward Hoffman. P.O. B. 695, Commack, NY 11725. Fax (516)864-7429.

AIDS–Preventing and Healing
The Heart of the Matter,
a film `on AIDS as a women’s issue, is one of several films and videos that educate about AIDS, and that are available from First Run/Icarus Films, 153 Waverly PL. New York. NY 10014.

Jewish Resource Guide for AIDS memorials. In the Jewish tradition of remembering loved ones by giving tzedaka, this booklet, itself created and printed in memory of Howard Jeffrey Limmer, suggests several worthy projects you can contribute to. Congregation Beth Simchat Torah, 57 Bethune St., New York, NY 10014; {212)929-9498; fax (212)620- 3154.

The New Moon
Rosh Hodesh Exchange, a quarterly newsletter, publishes articles and artwork by—and of interest to—women in Jewish new moon groups around the world. Subscriptions are $18 per year. Rosh Hodesh Exchange, 20 Banks St., Somervilie. MA 02144. e-mail atevin® world.std.com

In Jerusalem on Rosh Hodesh? Join the Women at the Wall, if you are in Jerusalem, at 7:00 am in the Women’s section at the Kotel. The dates of the new moons for 1996 are: December 24, January 22, February 21, March 21, April 19 or 20, May 19, June 18, July 17. August 16. Call Chaia at 02-786416 or 02-882315.

United States Holocaust Research Institute in Washington, DC, has facilities that include eight departments: Academic Programs, the Library, the Archive, the Photo Archive. Oral History, Film and Video, the Wexner Learning Center and the Benjamin and Vladka Meed Registry of Jewish Holocaust survivors. Reading rooms are open daily from 10 am to 5 pm. For general information call (202)488-6115: fax (202) 479- 9726; internet research®ushmm.org. For information about fellowships, call (202)488-6110.

The Tenth Annual Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, with nearly 200 sessions, workshops, and roundtables, will be held June 7- 9. Information from 1996 Berkshire Conference, Division of Continuing Education, CB #1020. Friday Center. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill. NC 27599-1020.

Israeli Historiography Revisited is the theme of a special issue of History & Memory: Studies in Representation of the Past, a journal that focuses on the formation of historical consciousness and particularly the problems of understanding the National Socialist and Fascist epoch and its impact on contemporary imagination. $11.75 (includes postage) from Journals Division, Indiana University Press, 601 North Morton St.. Bloomington. IN 47404.

Life & Art
Jewish short stories from Eastern Europe and Beyond
is a new, much publicized series of radio programs featuring stories by 18 modern Jewish writers (among them only three women: Edith Konecky, Cynthia Ozick was produced and directed largely by women and we hope that the next time round they’ll have a budget to retrieve the works of more women that have not yet been translated from the Yiddish. Listen on National Public Radio stations, or order on cassette, $80 plus $5 shipping, from National Yiddish Book Center at (800)973-7437.

Reclaiming the Past: A Documentary with Sophie is a 15-minute video cassette in which actress/oral historian/comedienne Judith Sloan, reenacts, through her three dimensional character Sophie, the oral histories of older European Jews she collected with the support of an N.E.H. grant. $18 plus $2 shipping from ear/say, P.O. Box 299, Purchase. NY 10577; (718)729- 3668.

Musical Illuminations of Biblical Women is a concert/lecture series that offers a feminist approach to musical settings about biblical women such as Massenet’s “Eve” and Cesar Franck’s arrangement of Ruth and Naomi’s dialogues. Available in a variety of formats. Contact instructor/performer Cantor Helen Leneman, 10 Defoe Ct., Rockville. MD 20850; (301)762- 6682. Fax (301)762-6025.

Body Politic
Wear a Women at the Wall T-shirt to keep in mind the unresolved struggle for women’s equal rites in Jerusalem. Profits to the International Committee for Women of the Wall, Inc., sizes L and XL, $18 plus $2 shipping from the artist, Rabbi Jinny Roth Isserow. 1735 Dunwoody PL. NE, Atlanta GA 30324.

Post-Beijing: Even if you didn’t attend, you can participate now. The Jewish community wants to find out how you and/or your organization will implement plans to improve women’s lives, helping to end domestic violence, educational inequities, sexual slavery and government-sanctioned discrimination. Request a form, and send it back to Jessica Lieberman. Jewish Community Post-Beijing Commitment Form, NJCRAC, 443 Park Ave. South, NY, NY 10016. Fax (212)686-1353.

The National Jewish Law Students Association, founded in 1983, is now catalysing individual law .school JLSA chapters and regional networks. It describes itself as both a mechanism for activism and a forum for promoting a Jewish identity within the legal community. Activities include National Jewish Law Review, National Moot Court Competition, and a monthly newsletter, “Shalom Aleichem.” National Jewish Law Students Association, c/o Boston College Law School, 885 Centre St. #L122, Newton, MA 02159. email: kerberg@cleo.bc.edu

Becoming a Jew
If you are considering conversion to Judaism, or want to learn more about what’s involved, you can receive information and free literature from the Rabbinical Assembly, the organization of Conservative rabbis, by dialing (8()0)ASK-NLEA( RN) or (800)275-6532.

How We Teach Our Children
Letters Dipped in Honey: Jewish Children’s Literature is a catalog based on an exhibit of books from the collection of the late Jean Moldavan. It includes alef-bet books, primers and story books since 1830 from the U.S.. Eastern Europe. Istanbul. Tunisia and Buenos Aires, and pre-and post State of Israel. The catalog quotes the preface to “Little Miriam’s Firft Hebrew Lesson Book” (London. 1871) based on a mother’s education of her daughter: “When Miriam first began to learn Hebrew, which was very soon after she had conquered the mysteries of the English alphabet, she took a great distaste to the primer her mamma used, and said it looked like a lesson book, and she was sure she never should learn those ugly words. So Mrs. Less put away the book and taught her to read Hebrew ‘all out of her head’, as Miriam called it…. For those who would like to learn Hebrew in the loving pleasant way Miriam did, I have written out Mrs. Less’s lessons.” The 36-page illustrated catalog is $6.50 from Yeshiva University Museum, 2520 Amsterdam Ave., New York. NY 10033.

Children’s Bibles: Sacred Stories, Eternal Words and Holy Pictures is a catalog of eight centuries of children’s Bibles drawn from an exhibit at the Houghton Museum of Harvard Library. A chapter on Jewish children’s Bibles describes the first vernacular book of Bible stories for Jewish children—actually written for girls and women—in Stuttgart in 1823. “[Moses Mordecai] Budincer’s Bible stories resemble many Protestant Bible stories of his day in that he also omitted Noah’s drunken nakedness, deleted Dinah’s rape, and avoided sexuality in Joseph’s encounter with Potiphar’s wife. Other omissions display distinctively kindly characteristics, like not having Lot’s wife turn into a pillar of salt.” 105 pages, and printed by the curator upon request, for $15.00 plus $1.50 postage: Ruth B. Bottigheimer Department of Comparative Studies, SUNY, Stony Brook, NY 11794-3355.

A Holocaust film for young children. Another Story is a 15- minute award-winning allegorical tale for ages 7 and up. Lisa Wood Shapiro, the 23-year-old filmmaker, says she was “confused” by how she had been told about the Holocaust as a child. For purchase info and a study guide: New Dimension Media, 85803 Lorane Hwy., Eugene OR 97405. (800)288-4456.

Violence in Jewish Homes
When Love Is Not Enough: Spousal Abuse in Rabbinic and Contemporary Judaism,
a revised publication by Rabbi Julie Ringold Spitzer, cites historical religious texts and offers suggestions to rabbis and synagogue professionals on dealing with abuse cases. An appendix includes a sermon, a Sabbath service which focuses on spousal abuse, and healing rituals for Jewish women. $15 plus $3 shipping from Carolyn Kunin, Women of Reform Judaism, 838 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10021.

Shalom Bayit: A Jewish Response to Child Abuse and Domestic Violence, a guide for schools, camps and synagogues in recognizing the problem and developing a response that meets the requirements of the law and supports families in distress. The $18 fee for the guide subsidizes child abuse consultation provided by this joint committee of the Department of Psychology, Lee College of the University of Judaism, and the Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles. Shalom Bayit Jewish Family Service, 6429 Independence Ave., Woodland Hills, CA 91367.

A free liit that educates rabbis about family violence provides information to draw upon for sermons and will help rabbis understand and recognize the signs of abuse among their congregants. A list of shelters and other resources is included. Jewish Women International, (formerly B’nai B’rith Womiin).Program Division. 1828 L St., NW#250, Washington, DC 20036. (202)857-1300.

A Bibliography of Sources on Sexual and Domestic Violence in the Jewish Community, continually being updated, is $2.50 from the compiler, who is also available for workshops. Marcia Cohn Spiegel, 4856 Ferncreek Drive, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274. You can also e-mail her with new resources at MCSpiegel@aol.com.