The Art of Clothing

Fashion lovers and feminists, rejoice! On view at New York City ‘s Museum of Art
and Design until mid-August, “Garmenting: Costume as Contemporary Art” is a global survey featuring the work of 35 contempo-
rary artists, including the slogans embroi-
dered on undergarments. Learn about the
craft of wearable art around the globe,
and its history and cultural relevance too.

Women ‘s Torah Study 
in France
Frustrated by the lack of Jewish program-
ming for women in France, two women built a school. Kol-Elles is a space for women of
 all ages to study Torah and Talmud through
a feminist and Orthodox perspective. The
school has enrolled 200 women of all ages
and has gained a hefty following on social
media, where it shares additional learning resources. kol-elles.com

Planet-Friendly Dining
Hazon, which seeks to bring more sustain
able food options to Jewish spaces, is collaborating with The Humane Society in support of their Forward Food Pledge, offering virtual training programs for residential organizations wanting to re-envision their food service operations. Participants learn
new recipes and culinary techniques to more 
sustainably serve their communities. The
 goal? 50% plant-based entrees throughout
the food service industry by 2025.”

result? A “kinder” dining experience, for the planet and for your wallet. For more informa
tion contact Becky@Hazon.org.

Gendering Jewish Inter/

A special issue of the Journal of Modern Jewish Studies explores gender in the con-
text of international Jewish political activ-
ism. Editor Jaclyn Granick says the topic allowed writers to explore how gender
barriers and norms historically engendered creativity among Jewish women themselves as well as different ways of operat-
ing from men in international activism. Check out The Activism of Foreign-Born
Jewish Women in Liberal Italy,  American
Women ‘s International Travel and Activism
at the Turn of the Twentieth Century,” and
more. tandfonline.com

Death Duties

From Jewish feminist author and blogger
Sally Berkovic comes Death Duties, a bold
meditation on Berkovic ‘s experiences with
death—from the loss of loved ones, to her
work with the Chevra Kadisha (local Jewish
cohorts that prepare bodies for burial), and
even her own brush with death. Berkovic 
weaves together stories of her family history,
Jewish spiritual practices, and the realities
of our new, closer proximity to death amidst
a pandemic. She also offers a pamphlet
of questions for readers, designed to help
 start the difficult conversations about
death.” Formerly available only online, this invaluable resource for individuals and com-
munities is now a printed book.

Learn Ladino!
For linguists and language-lovers: The
 Workers’ Circle now offers a summer class
in Ladino! Learn Judeo-Spanish, including
the basics of vocabulary and grammar,
information about Sephardic culture, with
plenty of opportunity for participation.
For pricing and to sign up for this course,
as well as for a variety of Yiddish classes:

From Memoir to Opera

Composer Lori Laitman and writer Leah Lax
 have created Uncovered,” a new opera
with libretto based on Lax ‘s moving memoir
(familiar to Lilith readers), Uncovered: How
 I Left Hasidic Life and Finally Came Home.
City Lyric Opera in New York City showcases
the opera mid-November, 2022, starring sopranos Rachel Policar and Rachael Braun-
stein as Leah Lax and Mikvah Attendant. To watch the trailer and purchase tickets, visit
citylyricopera.org/uncovered. And for more
of Lax ‘s story, read her on the Lilith blog and
in Lilith ‘s winter 2014-2015 issue.

Teens with Disabilities, in 
Their Own Words

Looking for advice and camaraderie from
the disability community? Matan, a Jewish
 disability advocacy organization, has a
teen blog. Jewish teens from across the
country write about their experiences
navigating school, Jewish life and beyond,
with disabilities, including autism, anxiety,
Tourette Syndrome, ADHD and other
neurological and psychological conditions.
They discuss the challenges they face as a
result of disability, as well as their triumphs.

World War II Stories

The Ciesla Foundation presents: Picking 
Up the Pieces: A Tale of Two Siblings ‘
Survival, Love and Achievements. In this 
intimate documentary, director Aviva Kempner shares the Holocaust survival stories of her mother, Hanka Ciesla, and uncle Dudek Ciesla, who were separated during the war. While one sibling hid in plain sight, passing as Catholic, the other endured the horrors of Auschwitz, until they finally
(and miraculously) reunited. Find out more about this film and others from the Ciesla
Foundation at cieslafoundation.org.

Gender Equity in Hiring

A new blog from the Gender Equity in
Hiring Project offers a treasure trove of
advice, opportunities and resources to 
help employers challenge and depart
from gender biases in hiring practices,
particularly in the Jewish world. Recent
posts feature data-backed suggestions for
employers listing job opportunities, such as
posting the salary range, widening candi-
date pools, and much more. Read the blog
at genderequityinhiringproject.org/blog.

Today ‘s Jewish Restaurants
 in Budapest

The Hungarian Museum of Commerce and
Hospitality now features a photographic
exhibition that will leave you hungry for 
the real thing!

Curated by Helga , the work focuses on a wide
range of Jewish eateries in Budapest from
fine dining to kosher fast food. And while
you ‘re there, don ‘t miss You ‘ll Be Fine,” an
exhibition which explores Hungarian Jewish
cuisine and food culture as influenced by the Turkish occupation. Both exhibits will be
on view through November 2022. mkvm.hu
A (New) League of Their Own
Adapted from the 1992 film,

A League 
of Their Own is a new television comedy
drama series co-created by queer Jewish
writer and actor Abbi Jacobson. The show follows a new set of storylines and characters as they navigate friendship, burgeon
ing sexuality and the world of professional baseball, all amidst the racial and gender
inequities of mid-century America. The
series will be available on Amazon Prime
 Video beginning in August. Details at imdb.

After Roe: A New Battlefield

The Peabody-winning NPR podcast
 Throughline has a two-part podcast on
the history and present realities of abortion access and our new landscape of reproductive rights amidst the Supreme Court ‘s
recent Roe vs. Wade decision. The hosts
reflect on where we stand today—and how
we got here—through a textured explora
tion of the grassroots organizing, political
processes and the brave individuals who have led the charge for reproductive jus-
tice. Listen at npr.org.
Compiled by Arielle Silver-Willner