Current feminist and Jewish events.

Covering, Uncovering and Recovering
“Sinai and Sunna: Covering and Uncovering” is a project inspiring nuanced discussion between Muslims and Jews. Through performance and audience interaction, this project hopes to engage and challenge “dichotomies” such as Jew/Muslim, secular/religious, feminist/traditionalist, in order to get us all thinking artistically, intellectually, personally and politically about women, contemporary culture and religious traditions. Are you interested in sharing your story about your struggle or engagement with the tradition? Interested in bringing this project to your institution? movingtorah.com/sinai-and-sunna.html

How Gottex Got Its Name
The Design Museum of Holon, which opened in 2010, recently featured Israeli fashion designer Lea Gottlieb (1918-2012), perhaps best known as the originator of the Gottex swimwear you can now buy all over the world. The museum is assembling an Experience Archive, comprised of a collection of international and Israeli design-related objects which will be an interactive environment for theoretical design research and practical implementation. dmh.org.il

Protecting Your Personal Archive
How can you preserve precious family letters? A card from a beloved teacher? The newspaper clipping where your work is mentioned? Not necessarily in that old manila folder! A shelf off the floor in your linen closet may have the best temperature and humidity, and you ought to photocopy that newsprint original onto acid free paper. Remember to enjoy your memories, advises the Jewish Women’s Archive. More on preservation at jwa.org/stories/how-to/preservation.

Videos! Photos! Shoes!
Bezalel, the Jerusalem art school established in 1906, has been marking its more than 100 years with a traveling exhibition featuring over 100 objects, including 2D-animation and video installations representing its diverse undergraduate departments of fine art, photography, fashion & jewelry, industrial design, visual communications, architecture, screen-based arts, ceramics & glass, Bezalel has a student exchange program with over 150 partner art schools around the world. bezalel.ac.il

Survivors at the End of Life
“What do you mean your father doesn’t know how his mother died?” Or “Is his memory is going?” Often someone taking a medical history from a Holocaust survivor has no idea what experiences she or he has endured that make standard questions unanswerable. A new online resource guide trains health care professionals and others dealing with Holocaust survivors who, at the end of life, can pose unique challenges. End of life decisions may be especially difficult for children who know their parents overcame extreme odds to stay alive. The guide discusses how post-traumatic stress disorder can manifest itself in first- and second-generation families. This unique guide comes from Metropolitan Jewish Hospice and Palliative Care (MJHS) in New York and was supported by Targum Shlishi and the MJHS Foundation. issuu.com/mjhs/docs/2013_holocaust_booklet_fnl_1/1

The Chicken Chronicles
Artist Susan C. Dessel has created a suite of 14 drawings inspired by food traditions of Jews in New York, from the arrival of the first Jewish refugees to Nieuw Amsterdam in 1654 from Recife, Brazil, to the Jewish and immigrant communities of today. The works convey the challenges faced by women responsible for meeting the requirements of traditions and laws of food preparation. The visual language of Dessel’s allegorical tale also honors the traditional sampler, including a pattern of playful lobsters, representing the bounty of non-kosher, forbidden foods, and Dessel’s belief that “art gives people freedom to contemplate things they might not feel comfortable talking about in today’s charged environment.” desselstudio.net
Until August 18 at Gomez Mill House—the oldest standing Jewish dwelling in North America in Marlboro, New York. gomez.org

Celebrate & Study
“Jewish Women’s University for a Day” in Houston offers you visiting scholars—including Rabbi Amy Kalmanofsky of the Jewish Theological Seminary, Stephanie Siegmund of Princeton and Wendy Zierler of Hebrew Union College—along with local experts, for a unique adult learning program. It’s co-sponsored by Context at the Jewish Theological Seminary, Rice University and the University of Houston on the Rice campus, Sunday, October 27. 

Ethical Shopping for Jewish Stuff
Fair Trade Judaica, as its name suggests, promotes ethically manufactured goods. Founder Ilana Schatz says the organization’s mission, a core Jewish value, is to expand awareness about where and how our mezuzot, hanukkiyot and other ritual objects—like the hamsa prayer flags below— are made, distributed, and sold. fairtradejudaica.org


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