Good Talk Makes Trouble

“Good Talk Makes Trouble Early on in our Lilith salon in Princeton, we explored social-change activism and what issues we as women might take on. The salon — a group of 25 or so local women who meet for good conversation around each new issue of the magazine — found our first cause while discussing “Jewish Moms, Chinese Daughters” (spring 2006). We started to talk about how Hebrew school materials and kids’ books don’t reflect the diversity of the Jewish community. Spurred by our spirited salon conversation, the Princeton Jewish Center (a conservative synagogue) took on diversity awareness as a year’s project, including inviting Bryan Schwartz to discuss his multimedia exhibition “Jews of Color.” Salon camaraderie, potluck meals and good talk yielded unexpected results, including a commitment to stir things up.”

Eve Coulson, on being a salon hostess.  To start a Lilith salon or join one, visit