Feminist Books for Younger Readers: Tia Fortuna’s New Home: A Jewish Cuban Journey

Tia Fortuna’s New Home: A Jewish Cuban Journey by Ruth Behar, illustrated by Devon Holzwarth
(Knopf, $17.99)

Tia Fortuna emigrated from Cuba to Miami and is again about to move, this time from her comfy apartment by the beach to a room in a senior residence. Armed with bracelets of good
luck eye charms, and on a necklace the key to the home she left in Havana, she shares home baked borekas with everyone. All these make Tia an inspiring model of Sephardi traditions and wise resilience for her young niece, who narrates this lively colorful picture book in which many Ladino words and expressions are interwoven.

This book, which includes a glossary and an autobiographical note from the author, was published
simultaneously in Spanish as El nuevo hogar de Tia Fortuna:
Una historia judia-cubana, translated by Yanitzia Canetti.