Feeling Stuck? Try This

Jewish rabbinic literature is full of advice and wisdom, including three books of the Bible referred to as “wisdom literature”—Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes. But perhaps nowhere is Jewish wisdom more concentrated than in Pirkei Avot, a second-century text that comprises part of the Mishnah. Here we are offered rabbinic nuggets such as—

Do not withdraw from the community.

Do not be sure of yourself until the day of your death.

Do not judge your fellow human being until you stand in his situation. (Yes, Atticus Finch presumably got it from the MIshnah!) 

In our own day, Amy Rose Spiegel has written her own work of wisdom literature in the form of 77 affirmations intended to speak to millennial women.

—Ilana Kurshan


Wisdom and Advice from Amy Rose Spiegel’s No One Does It Like You 

In the future, you will absolutely look back at photos of yourself and wish you had understood how good you looked in the moment. Expedite that process.

When you’re inclined to introduce a thought with “I’m sorry, but…” make sure what you’re saying is worth the sincerity and weight that an apology deserves.

Familial love and discord can be equally instructive in exemplifying the kind of love you want to give and be given.

When you’re tempted to say, “I don’t know” consider that you do and try that instead.

Being honest about what you hope for and are working towards isn’t a jinx.

Excerpt from No One Does it Like You by Amy Rose Spiegel (Workman). Copyright ©2019.

Illustrator Rebecca Katz.