Displacement, Migration, Personal and Geopolitical

In her solo show “Strangeness,” multi-media artist and actress Raida Adon explores human migration via a 33-minute video of the same name presenting simultaneous narratives of a group’s progress on foot interspersed with scenes of the artist herself in surreal situations. Exploring the emotions within the struggle to find a home, she restructures polarized stories reflecting her own complex identity as both an Israeli and a Palestinian. Born in November 1972 in Acre, Israel, to a Jewish father and a Muslim mother, Adon in her work examines her own complex biography, conflicted nations, and the relationship between two interrelated societies. Adon drew inspiration for Strangeness from footage of Palestinians in the aftermath of the 1948 War of Independence, and from pictures of the deportation of the Jews from Jaffa in 1917 by the Ottoman Empire, intertwining these collective experiences in a commentary on time and history. Complementing the film, are 12 drawings by the artist used to prepare for the video work, as well as a suitcase Adon constructed to look like her childhood home. At the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.