Come Chelm or High Water

We know about the man of chelm (that chimerical polish town where wisdom always prevails) — but what about the women? Finally, a bizarre book, Women of Chelm, by Jenny Tango, corrects years of sexism and moral deafness, adding significant insight to injury.

Meet, among others, Hannah the Seamstress, Blima the Silent Movie Star, Fruma the Amulet Maker, and (here) Malkah the Artist. (Women of Chelm is available through the author, c/o Chelm Historical Society, 114 Davis Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10310, tel. 718- 433-4718. It can also be purchased at Printed Matter at Dia bookstore, 77 Wooster St. NY, NY 10012, tel. 212-925-0325.)