Bring In The Show

Celebrating nearly 30 years of charting Jewish women’s lives with exuberance, rigor, clairvoyance, subversion, and tenderness, Lilith has created a stunning exhibition featuring the fresh ideas and germinal writers this magazine has published.

You know that Lilith brings new ideas and interpretations of the zeitgeist before they become cover stories in other news magazines: “J.A.P.-baiting” on college campuses; Jewish women’s eggs for test-tube babies; “forgotten” women writers; the misconduct of rabbis; the pleasures of women’s philanthropy; navigating interfaith families; and much, much more.

In 10 lively and revealing wall panels, the exhibition explores women’s dramatic new roles in Jewish ritual and as rabbis and cantors, the changing face of Jewish organizations, intimate relationships, new feminist scholarship, and more. The exhibition comes complete with gorgeous illustrations and covers from the magazine.

Lilith Magazine: The Voice of Jewish Women has played to crowds in New York, Washington, Boca Raton, Cincinnati, the Jersey shore and more.

To bring the exhibition to your community, campus or JCC, and to find out how Lilith will help you create local programs to complement the show, email or call 1-888-2-LILITH.

To see more samples of the wonderful wall panels that are part of this exhibition, visit