Black Women and Jewish Women

News about two projects bringing together women of different ethnic, racial and religious groups.

1. The Black-Jewish Women’s Coalition of Indianapolis has just published a bibliography of fiction and non-fiction suggested by its members-fifty Black and fifty Jewish women-of books they would like to share with one another. The selections, including Marjorie Morning-star and Sula, are annotated “B” or “J,” depending on the source of the recommendation. The pamphlet should be useful as a handout for joint programs for committee groups and also, for example, for Black and Jewish sororities looking for joint projects. Which leads us to:

2. For several years women affiliated with the Hillel House at Queens College of the City University of New York have visited a shelter for homeless women in their borough. Because there are Black as well as Jewish women served by the shelter, this year the students, recognizing an opportunity for creating an alliance with Black women on campus, worked on the project with a Black women’s group, as part of the Queens College Black/Jewish People-to-People project. They made and served lunch and presented an afternoon program of entertainment to shelter residents.