Bible Heroes I Can Be

BIBLE HEROES I CAN BE by Anne Eisenberg, illustrated by Rosalyn Schanzer; Kar-Ben Copies, 1990; Ages 2-6

Noah, Abraham, Sara, Rebecca, Joseph, Miriam, Moses, Joshua, Ruth, Naomi, King David, and King Solomon are presented in this delightful simple book, which distills the essential actions and qualities of our biblical ancestors, matching them to the daily experiences and imaginative play of a young girl. Each comparison is made in a few well- chosen words and the text stays close to the self referential point of view of the child, making this a book that can be listened to eagerly and repeatedly by any very young child who has ever wished to emulate the important grownups in her life, regardless of whether she is familiar with these particular characters.

Pleasing, colorful illustrations amplify each vignette. In a light-handed and appropriate way, this book gives us a taste of that which has attracted readers to the Bible throughout the ages.