Awards And Appointments

Sharon Alman, Lynne Burgess and Jan Alexander Tavrytzky were among the twenty-two Jewish cadets graduated in May from U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force Academies and commissioned as officers.

The late Senda Berenson, the first director of physical education (1892-1911) at Smith College, Northhampton MA, and chairperson of the U.S. Women’s Basketball Commission from 1905-1917, inducted into the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, in Netanya, Israel.

Sara Berger, elected President of the Jewish Community of Amherst MA.

Shoshana Cardin of Baltimore, elected to a third term as President of the Council of Jewish Federations.

lIana DeBare, a journalism student at the University of California at Berkeley, named winner of the Jewish Student Press Service’s Robert and Scott Shull Prize for outstanding Jewish Student Journalism.

Yaffa Eliach, Professor of Judaic-Studies, Brooklyn College, received a Guggenheim award for her proposed project on the shtetl of Eisysky, 1070-1944.

Eleanor Fraenkel, elected President of the Jewish Federation of Greater Baton Rouge LA.

Dorothy Goren, Nita Levy, Phyllis Margolius, and Phyllis Sutker are among the ten newly elected directors of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

Elizabeth Holtzman, Brooklyn District Attorney, received the National Association of Holocaust Educators’ 1986 Janus Korczak Humanitarian Award, at the Eighth Annual Holocaust Conference at Kent State University.

Ellen Isler, appointed Executive Director of the American Zionist Youth Foundation of New York.

Miriam Jerris, appointed full-time Director of the Society for Humanistic-Judaism, in Farmington Hills MI.

Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Professor of Performance Studies, New York University, received a Guggenheim award for her proposed project on the formation of vernacular culture in New York City.

Ida Kramer of Rock Island IL, named Executive Director of the Quad City Jewish Federation.

Brandy Hope Langston and her sister, Sherri Crystal, are the first two Jewish sisters to be enrolled as cadets in the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Dr. Ann Lapidus Lerner, appointed Dean of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America’s College of Jewish Studies, New York.

Carol Lundgren, of the St. Louis Jewish Light, awarded the 1986 Simon Rockower Award for excellence in North American Jewish Journalism for “Bar Mitzvah in Cracow Sparks Conflict.”

Grace Paley, named as New York’s first State Author.

Dorothy Reitman, of Montreal, elected President of the Canadian Jewish Congress. Reitman is the first woman elected to this office.

Judith Roden, Philip A. Allen Professor of Psychology and Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University, received a Guggenheim award for her proposed project on the causes and consequences of the increasing concern with body image.

Viki Rouff, of Binghamton NY, elected President of the Jewish Federation of Broome County.

Lore Segal, of Chicago, presented with the 1986 Harold U. Ribalow Prize for Jewish fiction, administered by Hadassah Magazine, for her novel, Her First American.

Sheila F. Segal named Editor of the Jewish Publication Society.

Mira Spivack of Winnipeg, appointed to fill the Senate seat left vacant by the death of Paul Yuzik, making her the first Jewish woman to serve in the federal legislative body.

Ethel Taft, installed as President of the Conference of Jewish Communal Services in New York.

Miriam Yenkin, elected to a second term as President of the Columbus OH Jewish Federation.

Tulia Zevi, first woman President of the Italian Jewish Communities, reelected by a landslide.