And in Case You’re not Getting Enough Email

For those who lack full Web access, prefer passively receiving e-mail to actively surfing the Net, or just want to engage in some lively debate, e-mail lists are a great resource. These lists are sent out (usually) daily and consist of news briefs and discussion by subscribers.

Some of our favorites:

The TOR-CH (Living Torah: Tradition & the World from the Perspective of Conservitive Judaism) digest is a fascinating list for all liberal Jews. Published by the Jewish Theological Seminary, its members debate at length on subjects ranging from women wearing lallitot to homosexual marriage. Subscribe by sending an e-mail with the message “subscribe TOR-CH <your name>” to

The National Hillel Council moderates several lists for college students, hillel women is particularly interesting, with discussions on feminist and Jewish issues. Subscribe by emailing with the message “subscribe hillel-women <your name>”

For those interested in the latest news from Israel, the Israeli consulate puts out a daily digest of current news on their Israeline. You can subscribe by emailing with the message “subscribe israeline ‘<your name>”