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Abortion at the Intersections: Politics, race, religion and identity

The tragedy of the Supreme Court overturning Roe and sending abortion rights scattering is merely one dramatic moment of an extraordinary year of backlash, a vicious social and political pushback against every social uprising and change of recent years: #MeToo, racial reckoning, gay acceptance, trans visibility and healthcare: it’s all under attack from statehouse laws, from right-wing vigilantes, from voter suppression, from an inadequate social safety net, from Covid fatigue, from the gun violence that continues unabated.

In this issue devoted to reclaiming our space, Lilith writers look at our precious bodily autonomy from many different angles: political, personal, and most definitely hormonal. In Lilith’s pages where writing our stories is the ultimate act of testimony, we can talk about our ambivalence and concerns about the way health care works today—without questioning whether that health care should be legal. Even in a climate of fear we must share our ambivalence, joy, worries and wonder about everything we experience: abortion, pregnancy, sex education, IVF, hormone replacement therapy, and all the myriad experiences that make up a life. That frankness, that sharing, is what they are trying to take from us, and what we must claim as ours, irrefutably.


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