The Global Anthology of Jewish Women Writers

THE GLOBAL ANTHOLOGY OF JEWISH WOMEN WRITERS (Micah Publications, 1990, $14.95) includes more than thirty essays, stories, poems, personal insights, and commentaries from celebrated women, including Emma Goldman and Cynthia Ozick. The sections are linked thematically under titles including “emerging.” “1 take shape on the loom of history,” and “on the waves of revolution.”

Selections range from “Bread Givers,” by Anzia Yezierska (published in 1925), to Australian writers Fay Zwicky and Nancy Keesing, who provide a view of Jewish women from Down Under, to Spanish writers Angelina Muniz- Haberman, Luisa Futoransky and Nora Glickman, who write about Polaca — the Jewish prostitute in Latin America. Nadine Gordimer and Shirley Espaka convey, with their Jewish consciences, the struggles of South Africa