100 Best Jewish Feminist Ideas

Aliyot for women – advocating for the rights of Agunot – safe, legal & accessible Abortion – eve’s Apple—knowledge is good – Archiving our foremothers’ stories – eradicating Breast cancer – Blessing & prayers addressing God as female – Busting abusive rabbis – Bat mitzvah for girls & grownups – Birth control pills – Bellydancing as childbirth preparation – Big-mouth women – Balance in work and life – Cholent/hameen/crockpot (so you can do anything you like while dinner cooks) – Counting women in the minyan – Cantors who are gals – Compassion for the egyptian mothers who lost their firstborn children – Divorce, knowing life goes on after – Doctor; be one (you don’t have to marry one) – Disabilities consciousness – treating Domestic workers justly – Daughters as heirs – Dust is not hametz, remember at passover – Eating with gusto – embracing Egalitarianism – the Equal rights amendment – taking women’s Friendship seriously – Frozen challah – jewish women’s Foundations – First-menstruation ceremonies – “Green” simchas – brides breaking a Glass too – saying “Germinal” (not “seminal”) – helping Girls—and boys—become feminists – Genderbending – Hamantasch as pudendal art – new feminist words in Hebrew – acknowledging women’s particular Holocaust experiences – Hairwise, grey being the new black – IVF – Introducing ourselves through our maternal line – women peace activists in Israel and around the world – the Internet as a radical tool for women’s liberation – overcoming the JAP stereotype – feminist Judaism a magnet for Jews by choice – Kosher shelters for battered women – Kaddish recited by women – Lactivism – Loving your jewish body – revisiting history with a gender Lens – not changing Last names – new Language for God – women as Leaders – new uses for Mikveh – Maternity leave – Miriam’s cup – Matchmaking – Mammograms – creating new Midrash – women as Mohels – Men who decline to join all-Male boards or panels – Never trusting the simple reading of a sacred text – saying “No.” – Naming the things that cause us pain and joy – Orange on the seder plate – Orthodox feminist as no Oxymoron – facing Paradoxical family legacies – Prenuptial agreements, halakhic and secular – the Personal as political – Pants – taking Paternity leave – feminist Philanthropy – dresses with Pockets – Protecting women & girls, men & boys from sexual harassment – mainstreaming Queer jews – Rosh hodesh – Rabbis who are women – self-made Rituals for healing – Simchat bat: newborn girl-naming ceremonies – Sisterhoods are powerful – Salons – teaching about pleasure in jewish Sex-ed – Single mothers by choice – Shabbat: girls saying kiddush – Sofrot (women scribes) – taking risks to report the Truth – Torah commentaries by women – Tampons – Tallitot for women – seating enough women at the board Table – The Underrated art of nagging – Vagina & Vulva are not Vulgar words – Vashti flags at the megillah reading – listening to women’s Voices – Winning… – Watching out for jewish women in the media – women praying at the Western Wall – Weddings for any couple who wants them – Women’s tefilah groups – Xenophilia – Yoatzot halakha: women interpreters of Jewish law – Yiddish as mame loshen, a female language – Yenta, the consummate networker – Zaftig is beautiful – Zionism—which teaches if you will it you can make it happen.