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I Left Kyiv Due to Antisemitism. But I’m Back, and Staying.

It was challenging to adjust to my second-time-around life in the Ukrainian capital. But eventually, the city has grown, or regrown, on me. And now I'm staying put.

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Poem: “Baby, You”

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A “Bad Girl” on the Campaign for a Safe Abortion

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After Texas, We Must Confront Misogynist, Anti-Sex Theology

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Daughters of the Occupation

“Silence has underscored my life, with my grandmother hiding her Russian Jewish past from her daughters and, in turn, my mother hiding it from me until I was eighteen years old.”

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Surviving Mengele, Telling Their Story

“I think most Jewish kids know the details of the Holocaust when they’re young.”

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When Women Were Sent Away …

Roe v. Wade spelled the end of the need to put your life on hold if you became pregnant by accident.

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The Abortion I Had That’s None of Your Business

I will not tell you about my abortion because it is none of your business. But I will tell you that the baby was wanted. I will tell you that the decision to abort in the late stage was made by me, with my husband, and with the advice of my doctor who discovered the circumstance… Read more »

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Celebrating the Choice to be Childfree, Breaking a Taboo

With reproductive rights under threat, a film reminds to celebrate and respect those who choose not to parent.

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