Photos: Standing With the Women of Afghanistan

Last Saturday, September 25, 2021, women’s rights groups worldwide took to the streets in a day of global solidarity, demanding action for women in Afghanistan. Women of the world, from over 85 countries, rose, roared and raged—calling upon governments, the UN Security Council, and regional entities to: 

Refuse to recognize a Taliban government, which has no legitimacy beyond the brutal force it commands, and which terrorizes the people of Afghanistan, girls and women in particular and to defend women’s rights, which are under threat in all countries, and uphold the principles of equality and secularism as the backbone of the protection of these rights + a host of other concerns including to the country. ensure the safe passage of women and men, human rights defenders, journalists, police officers, public employees, athletes, and LGBTI+ people who wish to leave the country who wish to leave the country.

 NYC’s event took place at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, in sight and sound of the United Nations as the UN General Assembly met. Testimonies from Afghan women on the ground and from the RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) were read by Afghan activists In NYC, such as Afghans for a Better Tomorrow, Afghan Hands and Afghan artists, as well as by American activists Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin of Code Pink.

The event was led by Afghan activists and artists Fatima Rahmati, Leeza Ahmady, Farah Arjang Vezvaee, Matin Maulawizada (co-founder Afghan Hands), Halema Wali (Afghans for a Better Tomorrow), poet Wazina Zondon, Sonita Alizada, along with women’s rights activists V (formerly Eve Ensler) (founder of V-Day).