Today I Will Eat Ashes

I created this comic for Tisha B’Av. This Jewish holiday marks time for us grieve the loss of home and consider what it means to live in diaspora. This year, as many of our communities are navigating the post-pandemic landscape, I have been reflecting how this day relates to isolation, loneliness, and community. 

Megan J. Smith is an illustrator based in Western Massachusetts. They had no formal arts education and credit their grandmother Sylvia with teaching them to paint at an early age. Their work explores themes of Jewish identity, ancestry, queerness, and longing. In 2015, Megan was the recipient of the Arts and Healing Network Award for Arts and Social Change. Their work was also displayed in 2016 in partnership with the Amplifier Foundation and the Women’s March on Washington at the Center for Contemporary Art in Seattle. They currently reside in Florence, MA with their partner, Clare, and 18 year-old cat/soulmate, Boxer.

Follow them for more comics and Jewish art on Instagram @mmmjaysmith.